Teachers' Day Celebration 2019
Dr. Radhakrishnan believed that teachers should be the best minds in the country. Paying tribute to the great leader that he was, every year we celebrate teacher’s day on 5th September to mark his birth anniversary. Teacher’s day aims to value and acknowledge the contribution of all the teachers in shaping one’s lives.

Don Bosco School, Berhampore agrees with the idea and celebrates this day with great zeal. Normal classes are replaced by activities of celebration in school, honouring the teachers for their hard work and endless contribution to a student’s educational life. Students shower the teachers with their kind gestures of love and appreciation. Where the students of LKG to class 3 won the teachers’ hearts with their cheerful and innocent dance moves, while the students of class 4 and 5 paid tribute to the teachers with their words of gratitude and reflection on every day experience with the teachers. The extraordinary class room scenario depiction of class 6 left everyone speechless and the students of class 7 with their dance performance won every heart. The splendid musical performance of class 8 was nothing less than a treat to the eyes. Ending the performances were the Class 9 boys who made everyone nostalgic with their dance drama. Not only did the boys lead the celebration with their prayer service and poetic tribute for each teacher, but also they organised the whole event in a superb manner. It was like the cherry on the cake. The celebration ended with the traditional football match between the teachers Vs the students. It was indeed a memorable day.
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